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KF86P Has More Powerful Auxiliary DC Load Carrying Capability

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Update time : 2023-03-20 14:13:11
 The KF86P is a multifunctional relay protection tester of only 10 kg, because of the innovative new technology, not only has a powerful current and voltage source output, but also has a powerful auxiliary DC source with load capacity .

   KF86P auxiliary DC adopts KINGSINE's newly developed constant power hardware technology, which can ensure that the maximum carrying current of about 1.2A can be achieved under the condition of small voltage output of 8-60V. Powerful load carrying capacity, capable of driving various types of protection devices. At the same time, the KF86P auxiliary DC has an advantage in its maximum output value, accuracy, voltage carrying capacity, maximum power, and resolution hardware indicators in comparison with similar products in the same industry. 

Re“KF86P” and “a certain brand” data show thatPlease look at the chart below
Auxiliary DC Supply (Battery Simulator) KINGSINE KF86P A Certain Brand
Range 8 ~ 60Vdc (Max 1.16A) 
60 ~ 120Vdc(Max 0.58A) 
120 ~ 350Vdc (Max 0.2A) 
0 ... 66 VDC Max 0.8 A
0 ... 132 VDC Max 0.4 A
0 ... 264 VDC Max 0.2 A
Power >69W max Max 50 W
Resolution 10mV < 70 mV
Accuracy 8 ~ 60Vdc 2%
60 ~ 120Vdc 1%
120 ~ 350Vdc 0.5%
0-264VTyp < 2 %Gur < 5 %
 And KF86P auxiliary DC for 24v, 48v power supply protection devices, measurement and control devices and other equipment can provide a stable, safe and effective operation of power.
  KF86P, as a high-performance multifunctional relay protection tester that we mainly promote, is worthy of your trust in its quality.